WPEngine vs Hostgator

The online marketplace is ruled by WordPress sites. In this area, there are two major competing web hosts that fight for the top position. These are WPEngine and Hostgator. Now, we may all be aware of the accolades that WPEngine has over many other web hosts. But to illustrate this superiority, there are a couple of comparisons that are necessary to establish what exactly gives WPEngine an edge over the others. In this regard, we will look at WPEngine and Hostgator side by side and seek to establish their how they both compare over various tests. The following therefore is an overview of WPEngine vs Hostgator.


WPEngine vs Hostgator: Features

WPEngine is well known to support WordPress by default. While Hostgator can also support WordPress, the most important way of looking at the features of these two competitors is to look at their control panels. A quick look shows that WPEngine is packed with features that help the user with various things like designs, statistics, settings, and add-ons. On the overall, the layout is quite straightforward and easy to use. Hostgator, on the other hand, has a load of icons and links which may be confusing for beginners. The layout is definitely usable but not as straightforward as it should be.

WPEngine vs Hostgator: Reliability
When it comes to reliability, Hostgator has reliability at times when it’s needed – which is a good thing. But reliability is one of the most important things in web hosting, therefore, it is needed always. And WPEngine is the host that is reliable online always. With WPEngine, downtimes are rare and the uptime is more than excellent. This ensures that the experience of clients is not marred with unpleasant experiences.

WPEngine vs Hostgator: Customer service
Customer service is one of the tenets of a web host that many people tend to overlook. But when it comes down to the basics, customer service is essential when you want to have various issues fixed. The two companies have a very great customer experience. WPEngine, however, seems to have a better grasp of the client needs, especially those clients who are not very familiar with web hosting. Their style of delivering service is definitely a notch above the rest.

WPEngine vs Hostgator: Speed
WPEngine definitely has more loaded pages in terms of content when compared to Hostgator. The speed of downloading and uploading pages nevertheless seems to be better on WPEngine. A test of download speeds indicates that Hostgator speeds average 600kb while WPEngine speeds average 2.5mb. That shows that WPEngine is on average 4 times faster than Hostgator. It is also important to note that WPEngine is optimized for WordPress. And the best way to describe the experience of WPEngine with WordPress installed is simple; you will be treated to blazing speeds online.

It is clear thus far that WPEngine has an edge over Hostgator. While the price of WPEngine is higher than Hostgator, the overall experience confirms that quality does not come cheap. All the features of WPEngine work superbly which gives it an edge over Hostgator. So for the overall experience, reliability, and features, WPEngine gets a 5/5 rating.